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June 25 in Recent Halos History

Maicer Izturis - Wearing a Halo Since 2005!
Maicer Izturis - Wearing a Halo Since 2005!

Thru the magic of our Halos Heaven archives we can revisit all the way back to the 2005 Angels season and see what we were all really feeling, thinking and talking about. Let's look back on today's date over the past seven seasons...

SEVEN YEARS AGO was announced that Kelvim Escobar would need bone spur elbow surgery, Dallas McPherson's groin injury made playing time for the young Maicer Izturis.

SIX YEARS AGO ...a game thread of a poor start by Kelvim Escobar became a referendum on his Angels career. Notice Pregame Picks are incorporated into the beginning of the Game Thread.

FIVE YEARS AGO ...on this game thread it appears that John Lackey was not great and Mike Napoli cost the team some runs on defense. Anyone recall the old school OPD (Offense-Piching-Defense) pregame picks... wow!

FOUR YEARS AGO ...the first big dissension against Mike Scioscia was apparent with a FanPost and Poll asking if Mike Napoli deserved more playing time than Jeff Mathis.

THREE YEARS AGO ...the legendary ZOE NECROSIS published a FanPost detailing what splurging on good seats at the stadium with the lady was like ...but he managed to avoid the Stadium Parking Lot shooting that was consuming all our attention!

TWO YEARS AGO ...we played the Rockies and lost in extras and the game thread had just an awesome comment directed at then-Colorado catcher Chris Iannetta by NORCALIANGELSFAN.

ONE YEAR AGO ...the man who would be traded for Iannetta, Tyler Chatwood, beat the Dodgers!

And while I am at it... before SBN built this blog and hired me, I was running a little Angels blog - EIGHT YEARS AGO the Angels wallopped the Dodgers and I reveled in it, keeping my faith in the team's chances (and my faith was rewarded in September).

Let's hope our faith is rewarded again this season and that all of our archived comments make us look like geniuses!