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Mike Trout So Great, Opposing Players Tweet His Praises

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I've seen a lot of things, but an opposing player gush like this over an Angels player...

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones took to Twitter and was effusively gushing about the prowess of Mike Trout after witnessing "THE CATCH" tonight.

No need to wait for ESPN's validation in between its servicing of Harper Jeter LeBonBon and Favre. The league is taking notice, the players are taking notice and have no trouble raving about Trout and the fans are taking notice.

He is only leading the AL in batting average and stolen bases despite not starting a major league contest in 2012 until his team was 20 games into the season. Wouldn't want coverage of the Yook trade to interfere with the most exciting player in the game. Wouldn't want the Jambone Hamilton contract speculation to be shelved in favor of a kid making the league minimum and looking happy doing it.

Actually, to be playing the game for fun and giving people thrills might make the label of "Freak" way too accurate.

(NOTE: yeah i know Tim Lincecum already has the nickname. This is a different beast of freak all together)