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Angels Promote Hank Conger, DL Bobby Wilson

<strong>ADAM NEVALA: </strong><em>TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE, BOBBY...</em>
<strong>BOBBY WILSON:</strong><em> I SEE A CONGER CALLUP.</em>

The Angels have promoted former first round pick Hank Conger from the AAA Salt Lake Bees to the big club in Anaheim. Bobby Wilson has been placed on the disabled list with concussion symptoms.

The precautionary seven day disabled list is MLB's response to the gray area of concussion symptoms. Clubs can observe the player and if symptoms from what appeared to be a head injury disappear, the player can return to the big club sooner, making teams more likely to institute a DL trip for these potentially career-ending injuries.

I was at the game last night, watching with powerful binoculars, perhaps it looked awful on television - I was shocked Wilson stayed in the game for as long as he did with his punch-drunk appearance watching trainer Adam Nevala slowly move his index finger horizontally from the periphery of his retinal line thru the center and off to the other side.

The first pitch from Ervin Santana after the foul ball face mask that Bobby ate did not end up in Wilson's glove. it didn't end up in any glove. It smacked hard onto the astroturf of the Bo Jackson batter's eye in Centerfield. What did Wilson call for that Santana threw, a seeing eye dog? Maybe we will never know.

Conger had spent most of the season in extended spring training down in Tempe Arizona due to an elbow strain. He is on the 25-Man Roster and will be in uniform tonight at the Big A. He is leading the post-Trout Bees offensively so expect to see his bat soon.