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Angels Draft Day 2 THREAD

2009 First Rounder
2009 First Rounder

The MLB Draft continues... here Nine Facts about the Angels drafts

  1. Eleven of the first thirteen picks in the 2012 draft are older than Mike Trout
  2. Eleven picks hail from states that were once in the Confederacy
  3. Seven picks are pitchers and all of them are college pitchers
  4. The other six: Three middle infielders, two catchers and an outfielder
  5. Due to free agent signings sending their picks to the teams that lost Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, the Angels did not select the 114th pick in the draft, where they took a Right-Handed Relief Pitcher. Only one player taken #114 in 46 Amateur Drafts since 1965 has accrued more than 2 career WAR: Righty Reliever Jonathan Papelbon.
  6. The Angels third pick was college righty Mark Sappington, going at #177 in the 5th round. In 1997 the Angels took righty Matt Wise with pick #177.
  7. Historically, three players taken at #207 in the draft have accrued between 17 and 19 WAR: Eric Solderholm, Mark Loretta and Ronnie Belliard. The Angels took college shortstop Eric Stamets with their sixth round pick #207.
  8. Three first round Angels picks played in yesterday's game: Hank Conger (2006), Garret Richards and Mike Trout (both 2009).
  9. The Angels took lefty Christopher O'Grady with the 327th pick in the draft. Two great relievers with over 450 saves were taken at #327: Rod Beck and Jeff Brantley. Mickey Hatcher was also pick #327 in 1974!