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Angels Hula Dance Instead of Winning

Keep your eye on the ball. Gubi said so.
Keep your eye on the ball. Gubi said so.

Final Score in Anaheim: Mariners 8, Angels 6

It was a thoroughly winnable game. The Texas Rangers are down to a sunburnt 98 pounds and begging the Angels to come kick sand in their face and instead we get Erick Aybar chuckling over a juggling error at a critical juncture in a tight game against a team that already gouged one winnable game away from us this week.

Most Mike Scioscia teams of the previous decade would win when they scored six runs. This squad has a delusional faith in its own prowess. Sometimes delusions are good. Common sense would tell your freshman self that it is delusional to ask a senior girl out to the prom. And yet, if you embrace the delusion that there is a chance, you might end up taking a senior to the prom. Albert Pujols might deliver in the clutch. But then again, he might be sitting home on Friday night watching Battlestar Galactica as he draws Dungeons and Dragons maps on graph paper.

Dear Bobby Cassevah: Shave your face.

That is all. Day off tomorrow, road trip to Denver, Pujols might play 3B and Kendrys 1B. The Angels are a .500 team and this is all they can give us: improvised juggling that may or may not help the flexibility of our fantasy rosters. Gosh, thanks. Pass.