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Texas Pitching Injuries Open Door for Anaheim

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Roy Oswalt is not yet ready to join the Rangers rotation to replace injured Neftali Feliz and now Alexi Ogando is going to replace Derek Holland in the rotation. According to SBN's Grant Brisbee, Holland and his mustache were placed on the disabled list with a sore shoulder. That is one aching elbow for a reliever turned starter (Feliz) and one shoulder for a 6th starter turned 3rd starter (Holland). Are you keeping score at home?

At some point, Nolan Ryan might have to come under scrutiny. He got a big YEE HAW for mocking pitch counts as a form of babying pitchers and demanded that his men "man up" but now the "Express Ownership" may be reaping what he sowed. 2/5 of your rotation manned up alright ...all the way to the disabled list.

You gotta wonder if C.J. Wilson didn't see the writing on the wall when he bolted for the free agency exit. At this rate, the Angels could sneak up on Texas faster than a Josh Hamilton groin pull.