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6 RBI: Torii Hunter Two-Hole Rockies Mountain High

Mile High Torii Trot
Mile High Torii Trot

Final Score in Denver: Angels 7, Rockies 2

Memo to students of baseball: The RBI (Runs Batted In) statistic indicates little about a player's ability as the number of teammates on base at any given time are not in his control.

Memo to fans of baseball: It is still awesome when a vet drives in six with a two-homer, 3 for 5 game.


Angels veteran on the bubble Torii Hunter had a career highlight reel game in Coors Field Friday night. He hit a pair of two run homers and then put the game out of reach with a two-run double in the 9th inning. He added an outfield assist from RF to 3B to complete a double play, just to give the fans in Denver a taste of a career that they missed.

C.J. Wilson threw 101 pitches in 8 innings, striking out 9 National League Batters (not the pitcher for cheap stat-padding either, real batters). He allowed just 1 run on 5 hits.

Outfielder Mike Trout was on base for each of Torii's hits, scoring on the 2 HRs and making it to 3B when John Hester and Maicer Izturis headed home after Torii's bases-clearing single in the 9th. Trout would score the 7th and final run of the game on an Albert Pujols double. The specter of Pujols in the on-deck circle gave Hunter some fat fastballs on which to feast. Batting in the two-hole for the first time this season, the former highest paid Angels free agent made life easy for the current one. Pujols was 2 for 5 with a pair of doubles in his first game at 3B as an Angel. He played flawless defense there but with two lefties pitching Saturday and Sudnay should likely be back at 1B with the 0 for 3 Kendrys Morales being relegated to pinch-hitting bench-sitting. Kendrys played in the field for the first time since his fateful May, 2010 injury. He was just fin with the leather but it is not something Mike Scioscia would bet the season on.

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