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Road Win Streak at 8 Angels Rock The Rockies 11-5

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Final score at Coors Field: Angels: 11, Rockies: 5

The Angels hit parade made a stop in Colorado this afternoon as they turn out 15 hits(!) and scored in six of nine innings today as they made Rockies lefty starter Jeff Francis season debut a frustrating one.

Mike Trout and Torii Hunter have been the near-perfect 1-2 combo at the top of the lineup after going 6-for-9 these past two games with a combined six hits and six runs between them today. Albert Pujols contributed a 2-run blast in the 6th inning for his ninth HR of the season supporting Angels starter Dan Haren who looked gassed out in the Denver heat today giving up 10 hits and 4 earned runs (all via the long ball) in 5.1 innings.

Tomorrow, Ervin Santana takes the mound in the series finale as the Halos look to sweep the Rockies on the road. If today's game was any indication of how dangerous a flyball at Coors Field can be, look for the team to provide PLENTY of run support or simply be content with a series win.