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Week 09 leader is dda!

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WIth the 9th week of games complete, Halos Heaven saw 98 players with an average of 73 playing per day.

dda was able to stand out among the rest and grabbed 11 points to win the crown for the week. A pair of 4-pointers will definitely help you get that top spot though. Andyman just missed out with 10. Find where you stand here.

Overall, Lanabanana has caught up with Oxygen48 in the top spot and share the overall lead for the season. Andyman is right behind, just 1 point behind. Gorbachav5 is in 4th, just another point behind... and finally scottnak and btown100 are tied in 5th, just another point behind. Find where you stand here!

This week's Pick6 standings look like the following:
1 OCangels 272.0
2 HaloFan77 225.0
3 tanana40 223.0
4 LanaBanana 217.5
5 wyoming cowboy 216.3

Overall, dabird22 still reigns supreme, and is currently ranked 21st overall all of SBN!:

1 dabird22 1395.8
2 WiHaloFan 1324.1
3 drtrix 1231.5
4 foxpaw 1202.6
5 Erick Danielsen 1202.2