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83rd All Star Game THREAD

FINALIST: Coolest Fistbump of the Year Category.
FINALIST: Coolest Fistbump of the Year Category.

Four Angels are representing the American League in tonight's All Star Game: Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson. None of the four are starting but hang tight, three are ready to come into the game. Wilson cannot pitch in the game due to a blister on his finger.

This one is not for all of the marbles. It is for four of them. Home Field Advantage in the World Series is awarded to the league that wins tonight's contest. But you already knew that and have some intense opinion about why it should not be that way.

Leon Wagner and Garret Anderson have been All Star Game MVP and Brendan Donnelly has been the inning pitcher in the All Star Game. Will one of the three available Angels off the bench join them in team lore? Anything can happen in an All Star Game from the sealing of a legacy to the announcement of a big career to come. Mangers can alienate whole fan-bases with one small move. It is all in the stars at the All Star Game.