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Trout and Weaver Save All Star Face in Ron Nosecandy Managerial Debacle


Final Score in Kansas City: National League 8, American League 0

"You know what? Ron Washington is a fool. Half the people who have been in the lineup have been Rangers and I'm actually happy to see this debacle if its a preview of the rest of the season. I actually feel vindicated as an Angels fan that Ron Washington will be aware that he can't stop the crash and burn that's coming. Terry at the Post Office is an idiot, this would never have happened if Scioscia had been the coach. Terry thought Washington had a chance. The minute Weaver didn't get the start everyone in America should have known."

- - Missus Halofan, as Elvis Andrus grounded into a fielders choice for the first out of the bottom of the ninth inning.

Justin Verlander was supposed pitch two innings. He got destroyed and exhausted. Matt Harrison gave up three runs. Maybe he will wilt quicker in the second half.

Mike Trout never saw a knuckleball in his life. He faced R.A. Dickey the best knuckleballer in the past ten years in his debut All Star At Bat and hit the second knuckler he ever saw for a base hit. He stole a base. He faced Aroldis Chapman, the fastest fastball in baseball in his second Plate Appearance and drew a walk.

Jered Weaver gave up a walk to the first batter he faced, Bryce Harper, and then picked off the teenager between 2B and 3B. Harper had tagged and moved up from 1B on a long fly out, one of two recorded with our Angel on the mound.

Mark Trumbo had two strikeouts. Better tonight than in an Angels regular season game.

If the frustrations of following Ron Washington's managerial moves are something that Rangers fans go thru most games, well hardy har har call the doctor, he said to get more fiber in the diet and rooting for Ron's team is mighty rough.

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