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Angels Mike Trout and Jered Weaver Deliver All Star Highlights

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So the Angels sent four All Stars to the 83rd All Star Game and two of them managed to squeeze some highlights out of the evening...

Jered Weaver and Mike Trout delivered a few nice moments for an American League team that did not have many more highlights.

Some recent All Star Game writeups from the Halos Heaven archives:

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2010 ALL STAR GAME WRAP: Since the ASG was at Angel Stadium, the writeup is about the many Angels-centric things, including the Angels fans boisterous booing of Yankees and Red Sox players.

2009 ALL STAR GAME WRAP: A short writeup reads: We got to see Brian Fuentes warm up ... BFD

2008 ALL STAR GAME: Well we all went to Vegas, Pattimelt won $500 on slots, The Ballys sportsbook payout window closed before the 15-inning game ended. There was no writeup. Here is coverage of our gambling escapades.

2007 ALL STAR GAME WRAP: Frankie got the save! Bigger news was VLAD WINING THE HR DERBY the night before.

2006 ALL STAR GAME THREAD: No writeup in the game that Vladdy hit a HR in Pittsburgh.

2005 ALL STAR GAME WRAP: Three Angels went to Detroit and did not do much despite playing time.