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Talking Mike Trout Fever with SNY TV


Mike Trout Fever hits New York City as you will see in this video interview that SNY TV conducted with yours truly (yesterday morning before I'd had my coffee). One thing about the host, Ted Berg, here is that he has that enthusiasm for New York baseball that many back east share, a palpable excitement that requires he be knowledgeable about the other team to show he is a complete fan and not some bandwagoner from New Jersey.


In the video Ted quizzes me about Trout, Albert Pujols coming around, C.J. Wilson starting tonight and Ernesto Frieri having a great season.

guess we are about to see how the national attention being paid to Trout will affect him - perhaps if it will affect him at all or better yet, how HE will affect it. Some players melt, others crack and the example of cool Albert is right there for the rookie to learn from - how to let the attention manifest as production. Maybe leading by example helps subsidize the big bucks head AP's way.