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Angels Crush Pesky Yankees, Fairweather Bronx Fans Leave Early as Bombers Blow Lead

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Final Score in the Bronx: Angels 10 Yankees 8

So the most casual fans in baseball may be the sunbathers of the Bronx who are so used to being frontrunners that they congenitally get up and leave a baseball game if their team is not ahead. An embarrassingly empty bevy of seats disrespectfully greeted Mark Trumbo's 24th homerun late in a thunderous Angels romp over the pesky little rats of River Avenue. The pinstriped rodents would snipe at the heels of a lead the Angels would never relinquish when Mighty Maicer Izturis hit a two run homerun in the sixth inning.

Kevin Jepsen got the Save in a predictable popout by Alex Rodriguez to Albert Pujols with the bases loaded of rats hoping their ship would not sink, but the cannonball of defeat was cast much earlier in the game as the senior citizen Yankkes offense gave us a preview of their division wilt to come as the AARP could not rescue all of its members of the dirtiest borough of them all.

The Angels head to Detroit with a gassed bullpen, a sizzling Mike Trout, a booming Mark Trumbo and the pest control having slaughtered the Pinstriped Rats of Filthyville. Now that we did our dirty work, the Rays and Orioles can feast upon the aged flat tire of the Bronx.