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Angels Bullpen Has a Motor City Meltdown


Final Score in Detroit: Angels 6 Tigers 8


No matter how good or bad a team is, in baseball history, even the worst major league team has won one-third of its games. And even the best teams lose one-third of their games. This is true for every team: it is what you do with the other one-third of your games.

A baseball season is 162 games long. 54 games is 1/3 of a season. Ervin Santana wears jersey number 54 for the Angels. The way things have been lately, when Ervin gives up only 4 runs in a game that is one of the 54 that you should win.

All of this using the word SHOULD. Do I sound like a lousy teacher who overcompensates for having never been in the real world by telling students what they should and shouldn't do?

Well the bullpen should not have blown this game. Is that as middle of the road an unhyperbolic a description as is warranted after this terrible loss?

Torii Hunter had some amazing catches in the outfield to keep the flyball happy Santana close and protect a lead once the Angels had got it. He was also 4 for 5 with a run scored and 3 RBI. But the Angels approach at the plate after a run or two scores seems to be to avoid the big inning iwth a desperate hack while in a position of power. The Los Angeles Neros of Anaheim burning.

Meanwhile Santana made the most of a pitchers park but the bullpen threw batting practice thereafter.

In the real world this should have been an Angels victory. But in the Ivory Tower of bullpen theory, LaTroy Hawkins served up a big homerun to a lowly Tiger not named Cabrera or Fielder and that should do it until tomorrow.

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