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Torii Hunter Birthday RBI Lone Angels Highlight in Tigers Victory


Final Score in Detroit: Angels 2 Tigers 7

Torii Hunter had a groundout RBI in the bottom of the 9th inning with one out and Mike Trout on 3B, the rookie having tripled. Boom! There is your Angels highlight.

Sure Albert Pujols homered in the first inning and we are all like OH YEAH (sounds like a content bro-slap circa August, 2002) but then C.J. Wilson just wobbled out of the starting gate and never quite found his footing and we were all kinda like AW MAN (sounds like slumping groan alone on the couch watching any game in April 2012 with a closeup of Mickey Hatcher counting the jaw chews of gum instead of examining our batters and their stances).

IF our number two pitcher falters, we are not exactly the best team in the league to pick up the pieces. It might have been better to win 2-0 yesterday and allow the Tigers the 7 runs from tonight to count toward yesterday's account, but do you really believe that Garrett Richards battles through the Tigers lineup with a razor-thin lead? The answer is NAH, ME NEITHER said in a 1999 is everyone seriously this bad voice.

Take the getaway game tomorrow and the team can celebrate a 3-4 road trip against some of the best in baseball and face the Cocaine Cowboys five back for three games this weekend.