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Mark Trumbo Named to HR Derby as Mike Trout Hurt

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Mike Headfirst Trout
Mike Headfirst Trout

Two of the Angels four All Stars made news today for different reasons.

Slugger Mark Trumbo was named to represent the American League in the homerun derby on the night before the All Star Game. Team captain Robinson Cano selected himself, Jose Bautista, Prince Fielder and Trumbo to participate. MLB.som Angels reporter Alden Gonzalez tweeted word that the lineup was official earlier this afternoon:

One thing to consider in celebrating this is that the HR Derby has been known to tweak a swing or two and lead to a beer league softball approach to batting among participants in the derby. But still, we know every Angels fan will be whooping it up for Big Mark on July 9 as he digs into the Kansas City batter's box.

On the flip side, rookie All Star outfielder Mike Trout jammed his finger while safely sliding headfirst into 2B in Sunday's game against the Blue Jays and has been held out of Monday's lineup in Cleveland. It is trout's first day off in memory this year, stretching back to Salt Lake so it will probably do him some good, but does the thought of Erick Aybar batting leadoff do the Angels any good? The Indians must be thrilled.

Angels fans are not and have taken to Twitter and FaceBook (ever heard of it, it's a website) to express that the world may be ending without Mike Trout in the lineup. Echoing the principal in the Breakfast Club threatening to crack some skulls, Bill Plunkett, a print reporter from a coupon clipping rag in Tustin called the Orange County Register flipped out on the hysteria surrounding Trout's absence:

Can we all assume the toilet paper in the Progressive Field Pressbox got swapped with a roll of sandpaper? Hey, Chill, Bill, we're fans, we get like this and we take to the same media you use to express emotion instead of just collecting a paycheck to tweet for whoever is downsizing Freedom Communications coupon sheet this week.