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Wednesday Halolinks: Angels Missing Opportunities On and Off The Field, It's National Bug Day

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Meet John Hester, dugout batting champ.
Meet John Hester, dugout batting champ.

Happy Bug Day to you. Today's Halolinks are brought to you by (this space available):

  • Wow, did that game suck, or what? In what looked like auditions for all of the scouts in the stands, Garrett Richards coughed up 4 runs to start the game, Kendrys Morales showed a total lack of patience at the plate (although he did adequately field his position for the N.L. guys in attendance), and the team's minor league trading chip had a dubious debut: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels - Jul 24, 2012 - "Jean Segura made his major league debut at SS for the Angels and struck out his first two times up before reaching on an error. He was promoted from Triple-A Salt Lake for infield depth after Erick Aybar fouled a ball off his right big toe in Saturday's loss against Texas."
  • Let's hope the rotations one consistent starter can keep it up: Royals-Angels Preview - Yahoo! Sports. "He (Jered Weaver) has won all six of his starts since returning from a stint on the disabled list June 20, posting a 1.51 ERA in that stretch. The right-hander, who finished second to Verlander in the AL Cy Young voting last year, is especially dominant at home, going 15-2 with a 1.46 ERA in 23 starts over the last two seasons. That includes a staggering 7-0 record and 0.67 ERA in eight games in 2012."
  • Why do I hear the "Jaws" theme music in the background? Angels' Wells closer to coming off DL and taking unknown role - Yahoo! Sports. "Wells went 2-for-5 with a two-run home run Tuesday night in his fifth game on a rehab assignment with Class AAA Salt Lake. Wells has gone 8-for-20 with a double, two home runs and three stolen bases in his first game action since tearing a ligament in his right thumb May 20." At least he's hitting...and checkout those limber legs he's showing off! Three stolen bases? Holy crap, Salt Lake may make the playoffs!
  • An now, time for our daily trade talk portion of Halolinks. You know, where I link to fabricated news stories about players the Angels front office probably has never considered acquiring...Los Angeles Angels in significant trade talks with Tampa Bay Rays - ESPN. "The Los Angeles Angels and the Tampa Bay Rays are heavily involved in significant trade talks, but earlier discussions involving pitcher James Shields fizzled out, a source said Tuesday." By the way, wouldn't Cliff Lee be a fun acquisition? Looks like the Rangers are also in on the same pitchers as the Angels: Rangers Rumors: Josh Johnson, James Shields, Zack Greinke, Cliff Lee - MLB Daily Dish
  • All of my bubbles are bursting: Hanley Ramirez traded to Dodgers in late-night blockbuster - Yahoo! Sports. "Ramirez and left-handed reliever Randy Choate reportedly are heading to the Dodgers for young righty Nathan Eovaldi and minor-league pitcher Scott McGough" I don't care what you guys say (or what stats you point to), I would've liked to have seen Han-Ram wearing a halo. Plus, Choate would have fit nicely into the pen.
  • Bubble #2: Hamels, Phillies in agreement on six-year deal for $144 million - "Hamels' deal beats Johan Santana's $137.5-million six-year Mets deal, making it the second highest ever give a pitcher. CC Sabathia's $161-million, seven-year Yankees deal is the record."
  • Bubble #3: Pittsburgh Pirates acquire LHP Wandy Rodriguez from Houston Astros - FOX Sports
  • Tough break (see what I did there?) for the Yankees: Alex Rodriguez breaks hand – "Rodriguez broke his hand when he was hit by an 88 mph changeup from Felix Hernandez in the eighth inning.
    Is he crying? I know getting hit on the hand must really hurt, but WTF?
  • Mike Butcher can fix him: Can Josh Johnson Fix The Stretch? - FanGraphs Baseball. "To make matters worse, the most damage has come with runners already on — Johnson has allowed a .305 BABIP with the bases empty but a whopping .383 mark with runners on. The league typically allows more hits with runners on, but the league split is seven points higher with runners on, not well over 70."
  • Bud Selig thinks "Gomer Pyle" is still on the air and Lyndon Johnson is the current POTUS. Someone wipe the drool from grandpa's chin: Fans Want More Instant Replay But Does MLB Care? - FanGraphs Baseball. "Several times in the last two months, Commissioner Bud Selig publicly stated that "no one" is clamoring for more instant replay in baseball." Seriously, it'd take like 3 days to get the film developed so someone could review the play. We can't wait three days for instant replay review!
  • Not really sure what's going on here: A Tip for the Youngsters - Baseball Nation
  • Although this has nothing to do with baseball, this is one of the coolest things you'll see today...unless you're celebrating Ladybugs b-day with her. You know, her being so cool and all. Okay, I'll move on: Interactive Graphic: Lolo Jones, Cleared for Takeoff - Interactive Graphic - "The London Olympics will be Jones’s second trip to the Olympics in the 100-meter hurdles. Take a look at how she does it. " Thanks to Deadspin for the original link.