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Aching Albert Pujols Held Out of Angels Lineup

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Torii is the DH this afternoon.
Torii is the DH this afternoon.

Albert Pujols fouled a pitch off of his elbow last night and is not in the Thursday afternoon lineup against the Royals. So who is in for today's matinee? Check it out:

1. Mike Trout LF, 2. Torii Hunter DH (Torii looked like he tore a side muscle chasing a ball in the outfield last night but he stayed in the game), 3. Mark Trumbo RF, CLEANUP: Kendrys Morales 1B, 5. Alberto Callaspo 3B, 6. Howie Kendrick 2B, 7. Maicer Izturis SS, 8. Peter Bourjos CF, 9. Bobby Wilson C

Jered Weaver is the starting pitcher, facing Luke Hochevar in the third and final game of this three game series. The Angels won on Monday night and the Royals took the second game on Tuesday behind the pitching of one time Angel prospect Will Smith.

No big trade has come down today yet. If the Angels pull any players out of this game to save them for a swap, they might have to just let two pitchers swap outfield rover spots!

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The Angels are claiming Ervin will start next week in Texas but nothing screams traaaaade like this sort of shufflepalooza (not Ervin being traded, just another pitcher landing here. The whole rotation misses an extra day's rest as Haren starts on Friday in place of Ervin on normal rest.