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Dan Haren Rejects Gift of Angels Rally and Re-Delivers Game to Tribe

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Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 5, Indians 9


Down 4-0 in the fifth inning, the Angels rallied back to take the lead in impressive fashion, a Mike Trout 3-run homerun tying the game and an Albert Pujols solo shot giving starter Dan Haren a lead to work with. The sense of destiny amidst the accomplishment was electric but it lasted less than your average thunderbolt of lightning very very frightening. Haren allowed two hits to lead off the bottom of the frame and he was done. And maybe he is done. The bullpen was imperfect and that was all it took for Cleveland to get a comfortable lead right back.

It might have been better if the darn thing had just stayed the four-zip shellacking Haren originally delivered to the Indians. Who knows. Haren joins Ervin Santana on the "do not renew" list, both $13 million pitchers are contracted for next year if the Angels pick up their options. No way, Jose, eh? Not after tonight. Rain delay or not, good night.

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