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Kendrys Morales Homers From Both Sides of the Plate in Same Inning!

Look Ma, No Batting Gloves!
Look Ma, No Batting Gloves!
No Way! Angels designated hitter Kendrys Morales hit a homerun from each side of the plate in the same inning. He hit a two run shot off of Roy Oswalt batting on the left side and a grand slam from the right side off of lefty Robbie Ross.

It was the second grand slam of his carer, the first being a walk off slam in 2010 that almost ended his career with a sloppy landing on home plate tearing the bone where his leg met his ankle. Six RBI in one inning. NO WAY!

The Angels chased Oswalt in the inning that saw twelve Halos come to the plate. Mike Trout had a two-run double between the K-Mo homers. Catcher Bobby Wilson drove in a run before that with a base hit. 9 runs, 8 hits, nobody left.

It was the 25th time in American League history that a player has hit two homeruns in the same inning. Rick Reichardt last did it for the Angels in 1966 against the Red Sox. Morales becomes the third player in baseball history to homer form both sides of the plate in the same inning: Carlos Baerga did it in 1993 and Mark Bellhorn did it in 2002.