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Angels Slam Rangers as Kendrys Homers Twice in Nine Run Sixth Inning


Final Score in Arlington: Angels 15, Rangers 8


Ervin Santana was the story going into the game, having been put on pitch count probation and told he would be limited to fifteen outs. He allowed three runs on four hits in his five IP and left with the game tied at 3-3. Before Jerome WIlliams could take over on the mound, the Angels spotted Ervin nine runs in an historic half-inning and the team cruised to a 15-8 victory over division leading Texas.

Kendrys Morales became only the third player in baseball history to homer from both sides of the plate in one inning. He is only the second Angels to homer twice in the same inning. His six RBI in the sixth inning is a single inning record for the franchise. His second carer grand slam ended with a polite step across the plate instead of a near-career ending injury like the last slam, a walk off shot that ended with a tragic slip and fall at the plate.

Mike Trout had 4RBI and also homered and Maicer Izturis fired the first volley with a solo HR off of a suddenly pathetic Roy Oswalt. With seventeen hours to go before the trade deadline, will Texas blink and trade away their vaunted farm system for a starting pitcher who can make a difference?

Lost in the shuffle was a 3 for 4, two double night from Albert Pujols. And this was the game that slugger Mark Trumbo was rested with what Angels Communications czar Tim Mead tweeted as "back spasms". Ha!

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