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Anatomy of a Blowout - Angels and Rangers Get Different Results from Fat Fastballs

"Shut Up Little Man!"
"Shut Up Little Man!"

Some observations on a great win and some analysis...

The game was tied when Ervin Santana left. It had been announced that he would only pitch fifteen outs of baseball and Mike Scioscia stuck to it. He was probably showered and in street clothes before the nine-run sixth inning guaranteed him a W that nobody predicted. Jerome Williams began warming up to enter the game in the fifth inning and his lack of sharpness could be attributed to being ready to hurl long before he had the chance. With the big lead, though, the rule of thumb is to simply challenge hitter to hit the darn pitch.

The return of an aching back for Dan Haren made this win even more important as Garrett Richards is the likely starter on Wednesday, slotted in between Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson, the rookie will have a chance to impress. Santana is by no means out of the woods and Williams fosters little confidence in big game situations.

Mark Trumbo could have played in the game according to some sources. Tim Mead tweeted that Trumbo had back spasms while other news outlets called it a dislocated upper rib. Either way... Ouch, get well and ouch again. Mike trout showed little effect from that knee contusion and Kendrys Morales had a dream career game.

Angels are four back in the west with 59 to play. They are a half game behind Oakland for the Wild Card lead and two games ahead of the Orioles and Tigers for that second WC spot.