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Week 13 to bc56274 and lifegrind! To the ASB


It's the last week before the ASB. And for the record, today's (Sunday's) game *IS* included in this week's results.

There will be no official game for the All Star Game that contributes to your score overall... but there will be a new game we'll be testing out.

Week 13 goes to bc56274and lifegrind who both earned 10 points, good enough to be the top of 82 HH players this week. A great way to top off the "first half" of the season. Here's the rest of the standings.

Overall, the leader of the pack going into the ASB is blast21dave. Right behind (2 points behind to be exact) are Ant Fan and last week's leader Oxygen48. lifegrind who was this week's co-leader is in 4th, 3 points behind the leader. Here's the overall standings.

Pick 6 standings look like this:

This Week Pts Overall Pts
1 mustard_man (15) 299.7 dabird22 (39) 2341.5
2 Halo Addict (23) 293.4 WiHaloFan (43) 2327.9
3 stuck in Romania (26) 288.8 tanana40 2191.8
4 Frank158369 256.1 drtrix 2183.8
5 drtrix 255.1 wyoming cowboy 2169.4

Rank in Parenthesis is the overall SBN Ranking. Remember, you can always make your pick on the left, before the first game of the day!

If you're interested in game-by-game results, and the breakdown of each game's rankings. You can check out this form.