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Angels Midsummer Classic HaloLinks

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ALL STAR NEWS TODAY: Four Angels were named to the All Star Squad. One cannot play, one was passed over to start, one is in the HR derby and one is the one everyone is watching.

Breaking News is that Justin Verlander will start for the American League in tonight's All Star Game instead of the statistically superior Jered Weaver:

Not-so breaking news is that C.J. Wilson will not be able to appear in the All Star Game and had to surrender his spot on the roster to Jake Peavy due to a blister on his finger. Wilson bows out of All-Star Game - Whittier Daily News.

So tonight is the night of the Homerun Derby and Mark Trumbo, the fastest Angel ever to 50 homers, will attempt to show that the 22 he has hit this season so far are no fluke. Trumbo not worried about post-Derby slump

Don't worry about the Home Run Derby changing Mark Trumbo's swing. He's already got the perfect stroke to bring home some hardware without any alterations.

And here is your annual puff piece about the derby ...Sluggers ready to display power at Home Run Derby ...Those poor fountains won't know what hit 'em. The annual State Farm Home Run Derby invades Kauffman Stadium on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET, with a national broadcast on ESPN. Thanks to another fantastic field, it should be the usual awe-inspiring power presentation serving as an All-Star appetizer.

Like Trumbo, Mike Trout is a reserve on the AL all star squad. Unlike Trumbo, a newspaper report about his small hometown can make it seem like a cross between Petticoat Junction and Coal Miner's Daughter: Angels' Trout gives gift of joy to his New Jersey hometown. Millville New Jersey has a favorite son indeed.

Agent Leigh Steinberg is a bigshot in this world but when it comes to writing an opinion piece about an exciting young baseball player, he sounds like your average seventeen year old blogger who wouldn't know an analytical stat if it bit him in his ass, although in Steinberg's defense, there is a big fat wallet in that ass of his, full of money that cannot buy writing talent: Steinberg: Trout is quite a catch for Angels - Daily Pilot

We are witnessing the birth of a transcendent baseball career right in front of our eyes, as Angel outfielder Mike Trout has electrified his team and Major League Baseball in the first half.

An everyone is singing the praises of Kansas City, host of the All Star Game, except one of its greatest players ever ...Former K.C. star Frank White: 'I'm done with Royals' ...Frank White's statue stands gloriously in the center-field concourse at Kauffman Stadium, but he refuses to set foot in the place.

And to finish it off, the major league debut interview of the greatest player to never make an All Star team...

A lot of All Stars don't have rings. King Fish does. It is nice to enjoy the All Star MidSummer hype, but let's all remember what is most important.