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As Wells Rises, So Weaver Falls: Angels Lose Again

<em>"Vern, it just ain't working out... j/k -- the season I mean!"</em>
"Vern, it just ain't working out... j/k -- the season I mean!"

None of the editorial staff even wanted to touch this one. What's there to say?

Mike Scioscia, like a storefront palmreader peering into the sweaty paw of a bored tourist, saw signs in Vernon Wells' performance last night. Man alive! He looked the most "comfortable" he's ever looked "since he put on an Angels uniform" said the Angels' long-tenured manager, divining future miracles from a one-game sample where his team fell to the worst offense in the league, despite an exceedingly rare solid performance from the expensive veteran. So, failing all logic, and betting on the longevity of flukes and shines, Mike benched the Halos' hottest hitter in August, Kendrys Morales, and trotted Streakin' Vernon back onto the field. And the result?

Angels lose 4-1 (again) against the worst offense in the AL. Weaver fought his control through much of the day, but delivered a quality start over seven innings. He was rewarded with only his second loss of an increasingly miserable season of futility. Wells paced the effort, going 0-for-3, and a freefalling Trumbo, Pujols and Trout followed suit, going 1-for-12 collectively. Kendrys Morales -- he of the .417 career average against opposing pitcher Jason Vargas, .359 average in August, and .351 vs Seattle -- got his reps on the bench.

The Angels are 2 for 8 in Vernon Wells starts since his reactivation. They are 8 games back of Texas, and 2 games back of Wild Card slot #2 in a five-team race for the also-ran playoff muddle. Time is running out.


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