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Angel Stadium Sunset


SBN is encouraging more front page articles from the gang here and, well, speaking for myself, the enthusiasm is not there at the moment but I cannot play the blame game when my heart says that the flickering flame of hope still burns. It is rare that I envy those impartial observer sportswriters who blast out their tripe about the game we both saw and go home to watch Gallery Girls on Bravo while I just sit at my desk with all my weight on my forearms leaning into the computer screen trying to make sense of the early slow sunset that seems to have befouled our season.

And I know most of you are sitting and staring, reading the all too real cacophony that erupts around our former idols when they are sinking in a swamp of misfortune that we all watched them waltz right on over until we realized they were not walking on water while they never broke stride amidst the sad slow sink.


My random iTunes played a song called Meet Me In The Morning that has the line: They say the darkest hour/ is right before the dawn and it is a refrain that is supposed to give the listener some hope, the fan a reason to believe. The line that follows though, underscores our impatience with the process of keeping hope alive: You wouldn't know it by me/ Every day's been darker since you been gone. This is not necessarily referring to Jordan Walden and Scott Downs being on the disabled list, but the power of great art remains the ability to draw personal inferences despite traditional cultural barriers and the passage of time.

That's all I got. I guess this is a thread asking you to caption the Angel Stadium Sunset photo I took. See you at the game tonight. Go Angels!