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Angels Gelded in a Real Ballbuster

This is Mike Trout on all fours.
This is Mike Trout on all fours.

Final Score in Anaheim: Rays 12, Angels 3

Mike Trout led off the bottom of the first inning with a triple. The hometown crowd was pumped! The Rays had a solo homerun off of Jered Weaver in the top of the first but the ball was carrying and the signs were there for a wild one. Torii Hunter worked the count against James Shields before lacing a liner that seemed destined to be an RBI double down the line.

Instead, though, the ball met the glove of Rays 3B and former Angel Sean Rodriguez who quickly tapped the 3B bag to complete a double play.

That was the game right there, ignore the final score it wasn't even that close. The Angels aren't even that close. Weaver is no longer close to winning the Cy Young after surrendering a career high nine runs in three+ innings of "work" ...and lookie there, a slump is forming in the Trout stream, watch out, Miguel Cabrera has his advocates for MVP and Yu Darvish has many turncoat spies in our midst. The enemies of beauty and greatness abound and the Angels are only assisting the dark clouds on the horizon when they scurry faster than a Big Bang Friday boom.

In the "send a message" department, the front office should DFA Jason Isringhausen tomorrow when Jordan Walden and Scott Downs come back. The expiration date on his jersey clearly reads June. It is mid-August. We are all too aware of that now, folks. Management could show us they see the calendar too...


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