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Week 18: 4 tied on top - Pregame Picks Results

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A... bad week to say the least... let's just put it at that and hope this week goes much better. I suppose that's all we can really say at this point...

Anyway, we can say 4 people are happy with their performance this week, as 1964, Bacalao, Pierrelmn, and current pregame picks leader Ant Fan all earned 8 points to top the leaderboard. Find where you stand here.

Overall... well, if you're the leader and you get the most points for the week... you're certainly doing something right. The lead has now extended from 5 to 8... certainly the biggest lead of the season so far! btown100 has hit 2nd place, blast21dave has dropped to 3rd, with lifegrind joining him on the podium. 5th goes to Pierrelmn! For the rest... here.

>> Pick 6 results

This Week Overall
1 WiHaloFan (60) 223.7 1964 (22) 3589.4
2 Ant Fan 211.7 WiHaloFan (34) 3520.8
3 stuck in Romania 204.0 dabird22 (39) 3499.3
4 BartonSpringsMatt 179.5 wyoming cowboy (43) 3484.0
5 drtrix 171.5 drtrix 3343.4

*FWIW, I may or may not be without internet for the upcoming week... so expect even less updates than usual for the daily games. (Yes, I know I've been bad about updating those in a timely manner... apologies for that)