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Stand Around And Stare All Morning

Mike can't believe that even <strong>THEY</strong> want to know why he did not substitute a pinch runner for Morales in the 9th inning.
Mike can't believe that even THEY want to know why he did not substitute a pinch runner for Morales in the 9th inning.

So this is one of those mornings where you didn't get enough sleep because you just stood around and stared.

There was nothing to watch on television and there was nothing to read on the internet. No picturebook of far off lands could take you there and the flirtatious kisses on your forehead from your supermodel girlfriend didn't entice you.

This was not a game the Angels lost. This was a game they gave away. Losing is something even the best teams force their fans to stomach 60 or more times a year. Giving away a game, and to a bunch of cow and cousin humpers, to a division rival, to the turdstompingest lowlife denizens of dirt roads down from Hicksville... it just makes you stand around and stare.

So WiHalofan emailed me during the game that he might be late to do today's links and we are up by six runs and I am all like "Oh yeah, it is gonna be a blast, I will link to the sweet taste of two games back and rock the Texas hate until every yellow rose smells like a failed urinalysis, Yippee Kai Yay!!!" Now I am stuck pondering the look of Jason Isringhausen's double chin walking off the field.

So I stood around and stared all night and walked outside and stared up at the Full Moon and came back in and stood around and stared some more.

So then I tried to find some good news.

So WiHalofan will post some more links later today unless he is just standing around staring all day.