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Mike Trout Named AL Player Of The Month AND AL Rookie Of The Month For July

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Mike Trout was be named AL Player Of The Month for July AND AL Rookie Of The Month for July. He is the first AL player ever to nab both titles for the same month. Anything less would have been insanity. With the exception of strikeouts, Trout was #1 or no worse than #3 in every offensive category. And he set or tied some all-time records to boot. Nobody else in the AL was even close. Only Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates had a month as good, or better.

The American League did not start to hand out Player Of The Month Awards until the 1974 season. Since then, the Angels franchise has enjoyed a decent number of winners. For some odd reason, July seems to be a fairly hot month for us. Mike Trout is the franchise's 19th all-time Player Of The Month, and the 6th to own July out of the 39 total:

April (2): Frank Tanana ('77), Brian Downing ('87)

May (3): Frank Tanana ('78), Don Baylor ('79), Rod Carew ('83)

June (1): Rod Carew ('80)

July (5): Don Baylor ('79), Chili Davis ('88), Garret Anderson ('95), Tim Salmon ('97), Bobby Abreu (2009)

August (4): Nolan Ryan ('74), Doug DeCinces ('82 and again in '86), Kendry Morales (2009)

September (3): Nolan Ryan & Frank Tanana ('76), Vlad Guerrero (2004)

(NOTES: Morales was still Kendry in 2009. And wasn't Tanana awesome?!?)