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Chris Iannetta: The Killer Of Playoff Dreams

Chris Iannetta is killing any chance the Angels have of making the playoffs.
Chris Iannetta is killing any chance the Angels have of making the playoffs.

First, let me say that I like that Chris Iannetta is on the Angels. I like how he controls the strike zone while batting, and he seems to do a decent job behind the plate. However, he's the reason the Angels won't make the playoff. Yeah, I know, that's a bold statement, and one that doesn't make much sense considering he's just one guy. Yet this one guy will be the downfall of the club.

Remember the beginning of this season? When the Angels went 8-15 in the month of April? During April and into the first week of May, Iannetta played in 26 games. The Angels' record in those 26 games? 11-15 (.423). And during that time, the club allowed 3.88 runs/game.

On May 2nd, Iannetta was hit on the right wrist by a pitch thrown by Twins' starter Liam Hendricks. The pitch would fracture Iannetta's wrist, requiring the catcher to undergo surgery May 11th and miss the next 70 games. Coincidentally, those 70 games were some of the best played by the Halos so far this season. From May 9th to July 28th, the team went 42-28, and at one point were just 3 games behind the division leading Texas Rangers.

Some feel the heart-breaking loss to Texas on August 1st was the beginning of the end for the Angels' season, but the season was lost on July 28th - the day Iannetta returned from the disabled list. Although the Angels would win the first two games after Iannetta's return, they have gone 9-11, allowing an average of 6.5 runs in games the Halo backstop has played. In his short Angels' career, the team has gone 20-26 with him, and 42-28 without.

Maybe, just maybe Mike Scioscia and Lyle Spencer were right...Jeff Mathis wasn't so bad.