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Howie & Greinke Sub Fine for Trout & Pujols in Angels Win Over Tigers

"DUDE, the way you had me word: <em><strong>SULLIVANESQUE</strong></em>."
"DUDE, the way you had me word: SULLIVANESQUE."

Final Score in Detroit: Angels 2 Tigers 1


Howie Kendrick hit a two-run double on a night that is all the Angels pitching would need. Zack Greinke was sharp thru seven and 2/3 innings before surrendering a solo shot to Miguel Cabrera. Mike Scioscia went to the pen and Scott Downs finished the eighth inning. After one batter in the ninth, Garrett Richards made his first major league closing opportunity and struck out two Tigers for a bona fide Elias Sports Bureau-approved, FanGraphs-derided major league Save.

Maicer Izturis had three base hits batting in the #2 spot and was on 3B after a Mark Trumbo groundout eliminated Torii Hunter form the basepaths. Having Just missed the Double Play - congrats to Torii for the take-out slide of the season - Trumbo scored behind the Mice Man on a Clutchity McClutch double from single-bot Howie. Kendrick also added a two-base blast in the top of the ninth just to make 'em squirm.

Greinke got his second win as an Angel, allowing five hits and striking out five. Richards became the SEVENTH Angel with a Save in 2012. Meanwhile Albert Pujols missed his second straight game, Mike Trout was hitless in the only major league city that has come out and smacktalked him, Tigers manager Jim Leyland openly mocking the Angels rookie as Wonderboy in a campaign to install Miggy Cabrera as the favorite for the AL MVP.

So now imagine those two in the lineup tomorrow afternoon.

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