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Week 19 to Fred Fredrix and tanana40 - Pregame Picks Results


Week 19 was a 4-2 week. Not shabby, but given the crunch we're in... something better would've been desired for sure...

In any case, Week 19 had Fred Fredrix and tanana40 shine brightly and earned 11 points to be the leaders of the week... scoring in all games except for the run-fest-extra-innings-what-a-comeback-i-cant-believe-i-missed-it Thursday game. Find where you stand here.

Overall... the leader is still Ant Fan, but... the lead has shrunk considerably! What was once a runaway... has now turned back into a race! Second place btown100 is only 2 points behind now, and tanana40 boosts himself up to 3rd, trailing by 6. There are still plenty of points left up for grab, so... never give up! Here are the rest of the rankings.

Pick 6 results are here:

This Week Overall
1 dabird22 (42) 272.0 dabird22 (24) 3828.6
2 WiHaloFan (59) 259.0 WiHaloFan (25) 3825.6
3 tanana40 238.5 1964 (33) 3794.4
4 SFV88 233.4 wyoming cowboy 3651.5
5 Pabstblue24 217.0 drtrix 3557.5