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Texas Rangers Winning Can Help Angels Wild Card Chase


The Texas Rangers have seven games left against the Oakland Athletic and four more against the Tampa Bay Rays. Win all eleven of these games and the Angels are greatly assisted in their pursuit of a Wild Card spot. Here is my video breakdown of the miserable state of the season where we are forced to root for the Cocaine Cowboys...

It will be interesting to play the Rangers in October when their stadium is empty because the bandwagon has emptied out as the whole state watches the Dallas Cowboys let some other team score on them without even a fight.

The Texas schedule in September has them poised to break 100 wins. Games against the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners dominate.

With the new playoff format that has a one-game face-off between two Wild Card teams to determine which team will face a best of 5 ALDS against the team with the best record, it is quite likely that Texas will be playing the winner of the one game takes all WC contest.