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Angels Party Like Its 2009 in Sweep of Boston

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 5 Red Sox 2


On Thursday night, the Angels did something they haven't done since last week, and that is sweep the Boston Red Sox in a three game series. before that you had to go back to the 2009 ALDS for an instance of the Chowds handing three straight to the Halos.

Zack Greinke looked ready for the stretch run with a 7 inning, 7 strikeout performance. He allowed 2 ER on 5 hits and two walks. The Angels offense managed 8 singles and a double off of Chowd ace Jon Lester, but the hits kept coming at the right times and even a slumping Mike Trout walked and scored a run ahead of a Torii Hunter on a two-run Albert Pujols double in the two-run first inning. Getting in, over and home set the tone for the game - hit it a little and run on the noodle arms patrolling a deeper outfield than cramped Fenway.

Pujols and Hunter combined for five of the nine Halo hits in the game and scored three of the five runs. Kevin Jepsen pitched a scoreless eighth inning and Ernesto Frieri got his sixteenth save. Light up that Halo, there are 31 more chances at regular season victories left but the sweetness of taking all six games against Team Chowd and mopping the floor with a shell of the former Baseball Brady franchise from Boston still makes this season a net positive, at least for tonight!