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After Sweeping Boston Angels CHARGED for Post Season Play!

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The Angels head to Seattle for tonight's game CHARGED for the post season. They swept the Red Sox at home and they swept them away, They are 7-2 after an awful sweep by the (now-fading) Rays at home. They are very much in the hunt for the post season.

Last night Zack Greinke showed what a number two starter looked like. C.J. Wilson tightroped it a little worse on Wednesday but boom there you have it, hopeful of a turnaround to his first half all-star form.

Sure the bullpen has been disappointing but Ernesto Frieri and Kevin Jepsen allowed a baserunner each last night and id their jobs.

Everything smells like turnaround, a little late but better than never or next year.

Mike Trout's August slump has produced a batting average for the month that would be the fourth best on the team. That is the slump. And you watch him working his way through it. The appeared to be defeated Mark Trumbo had a nice single and RBI last night. Torii Hunter has already acknowledged that you cannot hit a three run homer with the bases empty out of the two spot and is aiming singles to the gap instead of batting with his Babe Ruth Ego.

Gimpy DH-ing Albert Pujols carried the offense last night. What is the opposite of worried? Charged. CHARGED. And that is what the Angels are: Charged for the playoffs.

If you saw the Kendrys Morales homerun in the first inning on Wednesday, it was sickening the power he produced looked so nonchalantly simple. I swear he thought he fouled it off and then caught a glimpse of its distant arc.

So that leaves us with three guys.

Is Dan Haren capable of five great, ace-worthy starts?

Is Ervin Santana capable of his patented night owl magic for at least four games

Is the bullpen even-steven with balancing a half season of suckage with a month of sublime?

If the answer to most or all of these is in the affirmative, well then the only one who better worry about being CHARGED for the Post Season is... well... You, Angels fan, YOU. Get charged for the playoffs, don't schedule stuff for October, plan to be a couch potato for Halloween, the Angels are playing like they are going deep and they have the personnel to do it, including you.