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Erick Aybar Returns to Angels Lineup


There is an incorrect mythology around the Angels that their borderline useless shortstop Gary DiSarcina's injury in August of 1995 cost the club the American League West. Don't believe it. DiSar was a fan favorite because he was a clean cut white guy that the team long-termed as a PR "Wholesome Values" move but who produced even worse than Jeff Mathis with a career almost four times longer than the benchmark for badness (as in "lousy" not as in Michael Jackson album "Bad").

DiSarcina spent a storied pre-internet, pre-sabermetric career in Anaheim being loved without ever being criticized or ostracized or even downsized and with the added bonus of having his absence attached to a terrible 45 days of baseball that saw the team choke up the biggest division lead that has ever been lost.

If we get hot and take this thing, every one of you brainwashed DeeSarr-worshipping idiots will have to get a tattoo that reads Aybar-12 if you insist on parroting the false legend of Gruesome Gary.

Monday night's lineup from The LA TIMES twitter...

  1. Mike Trout CF
  2. Torii Hunter RF
  3. Albert Pujols 1B
  4. Mark Trumbo LF
  5. Kendrys Morales DH
  6. Alberto Callaspo 3B
  7. Howie Kendrick 2B
  8. Erick Aybar SS
  9. Chris Iannetta C

and Jered Weaver on the mound.