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Jered Weaver Complete Game Shut Out Relieves Angels

Everyone else got a rest.
Everyone else got a rest.

Final Score in Oakland: Angels 4 Athletics 0

Jered Weaver faced 30 batters in pitching a complete game shutout of the Oakland Athletics on the road at the Bill King Memorial Coliseum. The Angels moved a half game ahead of the A's, who baseball pundits call a surprise but when you witnessed economy of pitches used by A's starter Jarrod Parker you suddenly say "No surprise, they for real." Texas lost on the road, something in which they excel, and so the Angels start a long climb back to the top.

Erick Aybar came off the disabled list and hit the first pitch he has seen in a game since getting injured for a RBI single in the second inning. He came around to score on a Mike Trout single later that inning. Trout's final game as a 20-year-old saw him swipe three bases on a 2 for 3 night that included that one RBI, a walk and an argument with Dale Scott for getting called out stretching a single into a double. Replays showed he was safe and thus righteous in his challenge of unchecked authority.

The bullpen was not used for the first time in forever. An Angels starter had not made it thru the eighth inning since July 7. It was the Weave then and tonight it was the Weave again. He finished the night allowing four hits, walking none and striking out nine.


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