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Angels Season on the Brink


Hit the panic button, we are at the precipice of the abyss...

The fat lady has not sung but we have not been stocking up on Jenny Craig for her. No way Texas plays worse than .500 and no way we play .500+8 games, we cannot count on the federal reserve to deliver deflation to us how can we count on the Angels even taking advantage if the Rangers were to do so.

The Angel-bashers are emboldened with talk of a Miguel Cabrera MVP award over Mike Trout. They have brought Justin Verlander back into the Cy Young conversation based on how many pitches he has thrown this season (because his inferior stats don't stand near Jered Weaver). Next week I expect Yu Darvish to re-enter the Rookie of the Year discussion because of his excellent composure while walking two batters an inning.

So maybe the playoffs are not entirely out of reach, but it is time to get a little realistic with what is going on as the team spirals down, down, down...