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Week 20 is Stuck in Romania - Pregame Picks Results

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5-1 week... that's a good step into what we need! Let's keep the good vibes going and take a look at how this week went in terms of the Pregame Picks.

Week 20 had Stuck in Romania grabbing the crown for the week with 11 points. And that's even with not playing today. 1964 was in second with 10 points, just barely missing out. WasianCU was in third at 9 pts. The rest can be found here.

Overall, Ant Fan still is holding on to the lead which stays steady at 2 over btown100. tanana40 holds the bronze for now, trailing the leader by 7. Find the rest here.

Pick 6:

This Week Overall
1 tanana40 (1) 302.7 1964 (22) 3999.2
2 stuck in Romania (14) 241 WiHaloFan (23) 3993.8
3 1964 204.8 dabird22 (37) 3927.3
4 WiHaloFan 168.2 tanana40 3826.3
5 BartonSpringsMatt 153 wyoming cowboy 3723

As of today, it looks like tanana40 has done the best this week! Impressive!