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Some Angels Ready For Some Football

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Which NFL team is YOUR favorite team?

I noticed a few Angels players on Twitter today tweeting about their favorite teams ...probably just the winners. Can you interact with the remaining players on the team and see who their favorite NFL team is - we can add the facts to this compendium. If there is an active and verified Twitter account not mentioned here, let me know in the comments.

Some players tweet but probably root for teams that got their axes handed to them in Week One...

Some Angels players can be found, library card in hand, at the research stacks of fine libraries in every major league city, eschewing social media completely for the tactility and preserved knowledge of books...

  • Scott Downs ...Never Tweeted
  • Zack Greinke ...No Twitter Account
  • Dan Haren ...No Twitter Account.
  • Jason Isringhausen ...No Twitter Account.
  • Kevin Jepsen ...No Twitter Account.
  • Ervin Santana ...Never Tweeted.
  • Andrew Taylor ...No Twitter Account.
  • John Hester ...Never Tweeted, born in Atlanta... Falcons?
  • Chris Iannetta ...Never Tweeted, but from Rhode Island... Patriots?
  • Erick Aybar ...Never Tweeted.
  • Alberto Callaspo ...Never Tweeted.
  • Maicer Izturis ...Never Tweeted.
  • Howie Kendrick ...Dumped Twitter, from Florida... Dolphins?
  • Kendrys Morales ...Never Tweeted.

Meanwhile... there are 22 games left in the regular MLB season... more than almost any team will play this year in the NFL.