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Countless Angels Left on Base in Loss to Seattle


Final Score in Seattle: Mariners 2 Angels 1


This is the kind of game where thirty sentences about it could start with the word IF.

"If the ball had just gone there instead of there" sums up most of them.

But here is a sentence for you: "If three of the other teams in the wild card chase had just lost today".

How was that? There are nine men on the diamond at Angels stadium and seven dwarfs down the street at Disneyland, so nobody should be surprised that it is Grumpy time in Anaheim.

The early season losses are the anchor holding this team to the bottom of the see. Oakland seems impervious, Baltimore and Tampa Bay seem like Yankee killers and Mike Trout goes 0 for 4. So did a previously hot Torii Hunter and of course Mark Trumbo.

The Weave allowed two solo homeruns and vintage 2012 Angels returned with a haunting familiarity. Lots of guys making it to 3B and then high-end choking at its best. 9-3 in their last 12 just isn't good enough.