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SB Nation United Is Coming Soon: No Preview

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In a week or so this blog is going to look different will be SBN UNITED redesigned and reporgrammed, but it will still be Halos Heaven, It will also have some new functionality. Everything you like should still be here, perhaps presented in a different manner, but overall you can look forward to great Angels coverage and everything you get at Halos Heaven with a better look and a faster-loading page.

Some of the other blogs on SBN are offering their members previews. This attempt to excitedly promote a quality product has been met with stupid site users mocking or protesting or questioning. None of you can accuse me of ever giving you the illusion that Halos Heaven is or was a democracy. I want to believe that we have a mature, sophisticated community and not some infantile tit-suck frenzy that puckers up in protest whenever its needs are being ignored or not met.

In order to keep my illusion of your intellect and savvy, I cannot risk spoiling it by previewing what the coming SBN pages will look like. Go look at another site and read the comments of adolescent fools who root for other teams, whose parents still wipe their asses, who are emotionally castrated at age 12, read their silly infantalism worry aloud about story streams being altered with too many pictures like that is more important than Iran getting the bomb or Mike Trout the MVP or Jered Weaver the Cy Young.

Mommy and daddy told you everything is a democracy and that your voice counts. They lied to you about Santa Claus and they either lied to you about that or were stupid and passed on the dumb genes that would believe such a thing. SBN UNITED is coming, it will be awesome and then it will be ubiquitouis and if you don't like it please let me know in order for SBN to issue you a full refund.