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Hitless Trout and Hittable Frieri Sink Angels

Geemee special treatment mang...
Geemee special treatment mang...

Final Score in Anaheim: Rangers 3 Angels 1

A glimmer of light for the Angels' 2012 season blew out like a candle on a birthday cake for an old man who didn't want to think about the missed opportunities of a squandered life.

A perfectly reasonable 1-1 tie was murdered by the airball-infatuated Ernesto Frieri. No longer nasty, no longer freezing anything, once again blowing a Zack Greinke effort all to hell.

Mike Trout was played silly by Yu Darvish, striking out on junk while he tried to be all pro taking hittable pitches. Trout was 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts and 4 left on base. Torii Hunter had the lone run batted in for the Angels with a slow groundout scoring pinch-running Peter Bourjos from 3B.

Bourjos was pinch running because these games count so importantly that Mike Scioscia brings in pinch runners in the sixth inning. What a fat clown. Too little too late Bozocia. You patiently played with your pud for months on end when this team needed AB-by-AB attention and all you have to show for it is a sore-handed offseason starting in less than two weeks.