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Every Win is Magnified, Every Loss be Doom

Castration Squad
Castration Squad

We're in this thing. Every single game we play and every game the teams near us in the standings play will be intense. Every pitch will be analyzed and every decision scrutinized. Each win gets magnified into a feeling of destiny and each loss is a disaster and creates a feeling of doom and misery.

The season has ten days left and the Angels have nine games starting Tuesday evening. We were three back of Oakland with nine to play in 2004 and we took it then. So it is not over. There are many ways we get in and plenty we don't.

But don't get on anyone's case for not seeing things the way you do. There is a lot of bitterness over a season of high expectations not being met (or at least taking much longer to be met than ever imagined). Everyone has a theory of how it should have gone and how it will go and why the ball bounced the way it did. You might disagree and you might have a good reason or feeling why. There is no need to make it personal. We all want a ring. After that, our interests and opinions divide, and quite rapidly.

It is one thing to be bitter and another to believe, but when either of these manifest as hostile commenting or personal attacks, it forces me to turn into a castrator. No matter what you have the balls to post on this site, I have the will to cut those very balls off when they get in the face of another member of the site. Isn't that a gross analogy? If you are being gross, stop it.

Okay, everyone else, fasten your seat belts, this is going to be ten days in early autumn to get it done.