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Monday Halolinks • Waiting For The Miracle...


There are a bunch of articles detailing the Angels chances of making the playoffs out there - why link to any of them? You know the scores, you know the standings. The Athletics have ten to play and lead us by 2.5 games. The Orioles play two against the Blue Jays today. Meanwhile those Tampa Bay Rays are riding our behind. Anything else? We are waiting for a miracle, so instead of linking to a baseball story, cue Leonard Cohen, we are waiting for the miracle to come...

Later today I will have a detailed article about Torii Hunter going up so check out this extensive Christian Breedlove analysis and think piece at the LA Angels Insider Blog of what re-signing Torii would do for the club: The Heart & Soul of the Halos ...Money Quote: "Since Hunter arrived to the team in 2008 replacing one of the most disappointing players and worst contracts in baseball history in Gary Matthews Jr., he has been the team’s leader and at the same time, one of the team’s best producers on offense and defense."

If you like articles about Angels players that are even longer, Jesse Crall at Halos Daily (but not really daily because they take the weekends off) breaks down Erick Aybar with an emphasis on BABIP analysis mixed with a little chewing tobacco... The Weekly Trend: Erick Aybar ...Money Quote: "Aybar’s ability to improve on the types of balls put in play eliminates the notion that his 2nd half success has resulted from luck and nothing else. At the same time, his April rates demonstrate struggles extending beyond a low bABIP. Aybar’s weak contact didn’t extend beyond the middle of May, thankfully."

And finally, Angels in Order has an extensive rundown on the short Angels career of Dick Egan:
The Angels, In Order: Angels Debut #114 Dick Egan

What more do you want?
There will be a game thread for the OAK @ TEX and GB @ SEA games up at 5:00 PM today!