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Torii Hunter Walkoff Single Keeps Hope Alive for the Angels

Torii Hunter Walkoff Single Keeps Hope Alive for the Angels

Lisa Blumenfeld - Getty Images

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 4 Mariners 3

Torii Hunter had left the bases loaded earlier in the game against Felix Hernandez. In the bottom of the ninth with Maicer Izturis on 3B and Mike Trout having been intentionally walked just ahead of him, Torii Hunter sunk a single into shallow Right-Center and the Angels remained two back of the Wild Card Spot with seven games to play.

M's manager Eric Wedge may have been waving the surrender flag here. Why would you play your outfielders so far back with the winning run on 3B in a cool marine-layer-embalmed stadium? A deep fly ball and you are toast anyway. A shallow outifeld with decent range and some speed might have had Torii's walkoff single. But then again, Miguel Olivo's Passed Ball during the Peter Bourjos AB set the visitors up for failure anyway as the Mice Man advanced to 2B with no out and a perfect PBJ bunt.

C.J. Wilson stunk. Mike Scioscia widely removed him from the game before too much damage could be done. Jerome WIlliams, Kevin Jepsen and Ernesto Frieri picked up the pieces but... yeah, C.J., ugh, don't even bother hopping on the team flight after tomorrow's afternoon game, we don't want or need you around with that prima dona "gonna show the ump how good I hit the corner with the same pitch he called a ball right after he called it a ball."

Ah hell, why crab? Light up your Halo!