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Torii Hunter Holy Heck Clutch Exists

Bats were 1 for 8 with Men in Scoring Position. Torii Did Something About It!

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Final Score in Arlington: Angels 5 Rangers 4

Let's take two. Did you hear the deep serious undertone to Torii's postgame interview? What the hell is going on?

There were so many fat ladies in the Texas stands who so badly wanted to sing and Torii Hunter shoved some wood deep down their collective throats. Even discounting the world's record gathering of giant man-boobies in one stadium, there was extreme poundage in the stands watching their Rangers get pounded by the clutchiest two-run double you may ever see in a regular season game.

Sit down fat lady, you shall not sing for now...

And for now, light up whatever Halo you have.