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Greinke and The Wonderboys Power Angels to Sweep of Tigers

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 3 Tigers 2

Jim Leyland got a broom stuffed into his karmic piehole. Maybe that chainsmoking old crab will shut it the next time he is asked about players on other teams contending for the MVP award. A month ago Leyland told a reporter that Miguel Cabrera was his choice for the AL MVP, but the Tigers manager didn't stop there, talking down Michael Nelson Trout with the mocking monicker of "Wonderboy". Well the Wonderboys stuck it to the male sea hag and his big-howl, no-bite lineup of tabby kittens in a three game sweep that showcased Trout for all of baseball to fear.

Your Angels are one game back of the wild card and six back of the Texas Champagne-suckers in the AL West.

Back to back SWEEPS can only come because the Halos don't have to listen to Mark Gubicza blab on and on and on during and after every godforsaken pitch and oh dear heavens how many IQ points did you lose listening to that telecast?

Mike Trout hit his 27th homerun of the season to lead off the game. How does that Wonderboy® brand broom taste, Leyland? Your yellow nicotined tongue probably hasn't tasted anything since the late 1980s but you certainly have to be choking up the hay follicles from the tip of the broom that was most definitely not served handle first.

Alberto Callaspo shaved his mustache and hit a two-run bomb in the second inning off of Detroit starter Anibal Sanchez that was the difference in the game. Zack Greinke did seven innings of cat-mastery and the bullpen did the rest courtesy of Kevin Jepsen and Ernesto Frieri. Smells like October... What more do you want?


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